Koshertrends by mona pasternak




  • Chicken soup

  • Broccoli & sweet potato

  • Carrot ginger

  • Butternut squash


  • Crispy romaine hearts salad served with a Caesar vinaigrette dressing or creamy garlic (fish free)

  • Red & green leaf salad with grape tomatoes, julienne red onions served with a balsamic & honey vinaigrette

  • Green bean & roasted potato salad with cherry tomatoes, purple onions served with a tangy lemon garlic dressing

  • Pasta salad with seasonal julienne vegetables tossed with a pesto infused olive oil

  • Roasted vegetable quinoa salad with a rice wine & fresh herb dressing

  • Crisp romaine lettuce, Portobello & button mushrooms, julienne cucumbers, sushi rice served with a soy balsamic dressing


  • Sweet Moroccan couscous with raisins, apricots & toasted almonds

  • Refreshing couscous with an assortment of seasonal fresh roasted vegetables, parsley & scented lemon vinaigrette

  • Roasted mini potatoes

  • Grilled vegetable platter

  • Roasted sweet & white potatoes

  • Creamy mashed potatoes addition confit garlic

  • Single processed shredder potato kugel

  • Mushroom farfel

  • Orzo

  • Jasmine/basmati rice steamed

  • Mixed vegetable sweet or savory

  • Mixed root vegetables

  • Roasted mixed peppers with fresh parsley and confit garlic

  • Asian stir fry: large cut vegetables, hoisin sauce and soy sauce

  • Ratatouille: eggplant, zucchini, carrots and onions, served in a plum tomato sauce

  • Sautéed cauliflower

  • Glazed green beans with blistered tomatoes


  • French aioli: homemade mayonnaise with fresh garlic and Dijon mustard

  • Lemon black pepper: fresh squeezed lemon juice and cracked black pepper aioli

  • Spicy: hot chilli aioli


  • Smoked chicken

  • Smoked turkey: 10-14 lbs

  • Roasted whole turkey: 10-14 lbs.

  • Roast chicken: medley of pieces, whole or in pieces

  • Boneless mushroom chicken

  • Caramelized onion chicken


  • Braised beef

  • Meat ball: tomato sauce or sweet and sour sauce


  • Fresh seasonal fruit platter & fruit salad (minimum 15 people)

  • Assorted cookie tray (minimum 15 people)

  • Assorted mini desserts