Koshertrends by mona pasternak

Meal Options

All meals are frozen double sealed in a

3 compartment biodegradable tray.

Beef Options

Beef Stew With mashed potatoes and turnips

Beef Stroganoff With fettucine and peas & carrots

Curry Beef With rice and turnips

Meat Lasagna With mixed vegetables and squash

Meat Loaf with or without gravy with mashed potatoes and corn

Roast Beef with roasted potatoes and carrots

Salisbury Steak with mashed potatoes and corn/beets

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce with green beans

Shepherd's Pie with mixed vegetables and squash

Chicken Options

BBQ Chicken with roasted potatoes, peas

Roasted Chicken Breast with kugel and peas & carrots

Roasted Chicken Leg with kugel and peas & carrots

Boiled Chicken with kugel and peas & carrots

Hawaiian Chicken Leg with rice and carrots & green beans

Citrus Roasted Chicken Leg with roasted potatoes and mixed vegetables

Chicken Souvlaki with rice and green beans

Chicken Cacciatore with fettucine and green beans

Mushroom Chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans

Roasted Turkey with roasted potatoes and peas & carrots

Fish Options

Salmon Burger with rice and mixed vegetables

Baked Fish with rice pilaf and mixed vegetables

Tuna Casserole with squash and green beans

Vegetarian Options

Vegetable Lasagna with mixed vegetable and squash

Macaroni & Cheese with mixed vegetables and squash

Vegetarian Bean Stew with rice and squash

Cheese Blintzes with peas and carrots

Frozen Soup

We produce a variety of frozen 8 ounce soups that are perfect for one serving.

Chicken noodle, yellow split pea, broccoli and celery, mushroom barley, garden vegetable, leek and potato