Koshertrends by mona pasternak




  • Thai salad rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce

  • Maple & soy salmon skewers

  • Mini mock crab cakes served with a chipotle aioli

  • Teriyaki salmon skewers

  • Mushroom caps filled with whipped herbed goat cheese or vegetables

  • Stuffed risotto balls

  • Mini quiche filled with sundried tomato, olive & basil or with red onion & smoked salmon


  • Vegetable Soup

  • Carrot Ginger

  • Broccoli & Sweet potato

  • Butternut Squash


  • Crispy romaine hearts salad served with a caesar vinaigrette dressing or creamy garlic (fish free)

  • Green bean & roasted potato salad with cherry tomatoes, purple onions served with a tangy lemon garlic dressing

  • Greek salad served with a lemon oregano dressing (with lettuce)

  • Arugula, goat cheese, shaved red onion served with a pear vinaigrette

  • Arugula salad with lentils & sweet potatoes served with a citrus vinaigrette

  • Pasta salad with seasonal julienne vegetables tossed with a pesto infused olive oil

  • Roasted vegetable quinoa salad served with a rice & fresh herb dressing

  • Asian Salad with romaine, Portobello & button mushrooms, julienne cu

  • cumbers, sushi rice served with a soy balsamic dressing

  • Sweet Moroccan couscous with raisins, apricots & toasted almonds

  • Refreshing couscous with an assortment of seasonal fresh roasted vegetables, parsley & scented lemon vinaigrette


  • Rustic mashed potatoes

  • Roasted mini potatoes

  • Grilled vegetable platter

  • Mashed potatoes with butter & cream (Addition: confit garlic)

  • Single processed shredded potato kugel

  • Orzo salad

  • Basmati rice

  • Steamed mixed vegetables

  • Sweet or savory mixed root vegetables

  • Roasted mixed peppers with fresh parsley and confit garlic

  • Asian stir fry- large cut vegetables, hoisin sauce & say sauce


  • Pan seared trout with pineapple compote

  • Pan seared halibut finished with a lemon caper sauce

  • Decorated side of poached salmon with a lemon caper aioli

  • Teriyaki salmon filets


  • Vegetable, spinach & ricotta or cheese lasagna

  • Baked macaroni & cheese


  • Decorated platter with egg, tuna, cream cheese, sliced tomatoes, cucumber,

  • red onions with sliced bread & bagels (minimum 15 people) (additional fee add smoked salmon)

  • Decorated platter of smoked salmon served with cream cheese, tomatoes onions, capers with sliced bread & bagels (minimum 15 people)

  • Fresh seasoned vegetables served with a choice of one of the following: hummus, red pepper dip, creamy garlic or spinach (minimum 15 people)

  • Assorted wraps: goat cheese & grilled vegetables/ egg, tuna, sockeye salmon/ cream cheese & smoked salmon (minimum 10 people)


  • Fresh seasonal fruit platters or fruit salad (minimum 15 people)

  • Assorted cookie tray (minimum 15 people)

  • Assorted mini desserts (minimum 15 people)